Friday, 15 February 2013

Long Lost Me..

Happy Valentines Day!

               Metallic Glitter Nails                       Subtle Highlights

           Nars Laguna (Waiting for the smash!) Working with tigers for a film project

 Great Naked Palette Dupe, Sleek idivine!        Girly Night :)

  Essie Bikini So Teeny

        New editions to my Essie stash                               

 Debating having my hair chopped to this length!?

          New Pandora Charms        Fave Mascara, Benefit They're Real

Hey guys! Hope you are well! I feel like this is becoming a regular thing, but my blog has once again had to be nudged to the side due to the piles and piles of University work I have on at the moment, and with it being my final year, its really all I am focusing on. Of course I miss being able to talk about beauty all day, and I love logging onto my little blog every now and then and seeing such sweet comments from you guys, so thank you for that, and for bearing with me through these past hectic months! :) Anyway, I thought id just leave you with a look through some of my recent instagram pics! Hopefully this will make up a teeny bit for being so rubbish at checking in. Enjoy, and we will speak soon once the load has gone down a little!

As always, feel free to leave any comments down below, or any suggestions on future posts you would like to see!

Lots of love

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