Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nars Laguna Bronzer

(The flash on my camera has made the colour look a little pinky, and although it is warm colour, note that it is a little darker in real life!)

Hey lovelies, hope you are well! Nars Laguna has to be one of the most raved about bronzers of all time. I rarely hear negative things about this bronzer, and although there are millions of reviews out there, I thought I would give my thoughts on it! I have recently been in a 'repurchasing products I love' phase, as I have been running out of some of my faves (haul post to come!). I ordered a new Nars Laguna from Asos, which cost £24, but with the 10% student discount I got it for £21.60. I decided to order from Asos as they offer free delivery, which usually arrives pretty quickly so is great value for money. There is something about Nars packaging which just looks and feels so luxurious (Although attracts dirt like nothing else!). Being a bronzer the packaging is a lot larger than that of a Nars blush/eyeshadow duo and with 8g of product, it does last ages which helps justify the price. The bronzer itself is such a perfect natural colour, the finish is matte enough to allow you to contour with it, but has teeny tiny flecks of shimmer, which are so finely milled that it gives you a lovely bronzed glow. I love the names of Nars products, although some can be a little cringey, 'Laguna' reminds me of Laguna Beach, where everyone is super gorgeous and tanned!
I have heard that this bronzer is prone to smashing with it being such a thin, wide pan, but I (fingers crossed) havn't had this problem, although I am pretty careful how I handle it. 
I used to apply Laguna with my Real Techniques Blush Brush, but recently have started using the Sigma F25 (Review post to follow), a combo which I have been loving!

Have you tried Laguna? What are your thoughts? Do you have a different favourite bronzer?


  1. I've been using Benefit Hoola. It looked gorgeous and I was in 2 minds to buy it and I kinda wish I did since I was at Nars yesterday too! boo!
    I did swatch it and it looked beautifullll. I don't know if it was the lights but it looked really shimmery too which is why I never bought it. I can see on your pictures it's not though!

    Ok. I regret not buying it now :( lol. Great post!!

  2. I love this powder it gives me immediate healthy glow.
    I put a slightly because it is iridescent.
    For more precision I use W7 Honolulu is the perfect dupe of Benefit Hoola.

  3. looks like such a nice bronzer colourr !! tempting... haha cute blog!! xoxo

  4. it looks really good..i like sephore bronzers, they smell so good:o) Your blog is really very cool, i follow you:o)


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