Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dressing Table (Vanity) Set Up

I love reading blog posts about other peoples makeup set ups and storage, so I thought I would share my dressing table set up with you! 

Here's an overview of my set up

The dressing table itself is from Dunelm Mill ( I think this particular one has been discontinued but there is a few similar) and is made from white frosted glass. This makes it really easy to clean and allows me to not worry about getting makeup all over the top. Underneath, I keep a few of my larger palettes in a magazine rack, aswell as a carry case with I use to travel with my makeup, and a glass vanity case which I store my nail polish in. The stool is just a cheapy from Argos and was around £3, although I am looking at getting an acrylic chair which I feel would suit the table better.

On the right hand side of the dressing table I keep;
My face brushes, most of which go in the glass mosaic pot which is actually a candle holder. I then have my Real Techniques brushes and Bourjois and Smashbox Baby Buki kabuki brushes to the side. 
I then keep my Mac Fix+ and some Dr Bronner's Hand Sanitizer in Lavender. 
I also keep a couple of my most reached for perfumes; Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Eau So Fresh', Britney Spears 'Fantasy' and a sample I received from a Glossybox which I love.
There is also a heart ornament in the same glass mosaic style as the brush holder for decorative purposes!

On the left hand side I keep;
My eye and lip brushes, kept in the same mosaic holder as my face brushes.
I then have my Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser, which I love and is great for spot cleaning brushes.
My eyeliners are kept next to this in a tall glass filled with heart shaped glass beads to keep them stood up. Next to this is my Soap and Glory Hand Food which I use a lot so it is handy to have there to grab. 
I then keep a small bag of sample perfumes I am yet to try and a Versace 'Vanitas' sample perfume I received from Glossybox. 
The rest of the things on this side are ornaments that I think look cute sitting on my dressing table. First is a Love sign, which I actually painted myself. It used to be red but I felt this didn't go with the colour scheme of my room, so I gave it a white wash and then printed on some newspaper detailing which I love.
I then have a empty perfume bottle, and two heart ornaments, one the same as the other side in a glass mosaic style, but in an ombre pink colour, and the other in a light pink shell like material. 

I then have three pink candles which were given to me as a gift across the middle of the table as I am yet to find a mirror which I think goes well with it. The candles are really cute and in the shape of flowers. In between these I have put heart shaped glass beads (the same as the beads that fill the eyeliner glass) as I am a sucker for detail!

In the drawers I keep some of my makeup, sorted into empty Glossybox's. For the rest of my makeup I am looking for a set of drawers which will go nicely next to my dressing table, but I am yet to find one I like!

Sorry for the long post, but I hope you enjoyed looking at my makeup/dressing table set up! How do you store your makeup?


  1. Well first off welcome to the blogging community sweetie love you blog .. its easy to read and simply love your style .. i have also recently done a post like this :)
    i have followed you and would love to put you in some up coming tags as i think more people should no your lovely little blog is here :D

    would love it if you checked mine out

  2. Aww thankyou! That would be great :) Just checked yours out and followed, looking forward to your caviar nails post!

  3. I wanna say that you are more beautiful than your post. I am so glad to see above white one because, I recently got a white dressing tables for me. The above cosmetics items are so beautiful and certainly make your more beautiful.

    1. Thats very sweet, thankyou! I love shabby chic dressing tables, the ones on that website look beautiful! xx

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