Sunday, 6 May 2012

Current Faves: Eyeshadow Combo

 When doing my eyeshadow, I almost always stick with neutral colours as I find this is what suits me best. I love a brown smokey eye and I find it really makes my blues pop. My favourite combo at the moment are two eyeshadows from Mac- 'Cork' and 'Woodwinked'. 

Cork is a matte rosey brown colour, that reminds me a lot of harmony blush, though is prehaps on the darker side and little less rosey. Woodwinked is a brown with lots of gold shimmer, which is gorgeous for nights out.

Left- 'Cork'      Right- 'Woodwinked'

For day time, I have been putting a neutral colour all over my lid, then a touch of cork blended through my crease. For night, I do the same, but add woodwinked over the center to the outer corner of my eye to glam it up. I think these colours work so nicely together and really compliment each other.

Left- Cork      Right- Woodwinked

A (not so great) photo of my classic brown smokey eye using these colours, as well as a highlight in the tear duct. (Ignore the shadow from my phone making me look like I have glitter highlight down my face and a solid line above my lashes!)

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