Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Laura Mercier 'Lips'

Hey everyone! Life has been a little hectic this week, so again my blog has had to take a back seat :( I have been moving flats, which has been pretty stressful! But I am excited for a new chapter in my life and can't wait to show you all my new makeup set up once its finished! I recently picked up some Laura Mercier lip products which I have been loving. 

First up is a lipstick in the colour 'Maple', a deep plummy red, which isn't a colour I tend to gravitate towards a lot as I find it hard to pull off a dark lip, but I really love this colour. It can be applied sheerly to just give a nice wash of colour to the lips, or built up to create a much more intense colour. I havn't used this much yet, as I definitely think it is an 'occasion' lipstick, but I think it would look gorgeous on a night with the hair in a high bun to add a pop of colour and sophistication! 

Next is a lip liner in the shade 'Potpourri', which I have fallen in love with. I have already worn this a lot as it is very versatile! A first glance it looks like a deep brown toned pinky red, but when applied it gives that 'my lips but better' look with a slightly darker tone. The reason I like this so much is because it can be worn alone to give a deeper reddish and more defined look to the lips (which I love, as my skin tone can't pull off a full red), worn underneath a nude toned lipstick, or used with a darker lipstick to give even more intensity. The colour reminds me a lot of Spice lip liner from Mac, and I think it just works perfectly to define the lips.

Lastly I got a Lip Glace in the colour 'Champagne', a pretty pinky nude with flecks of gold shimmer. I am obsessed with this colour. It is so rich looking and has what I describe as a toffee like vanilla scent. The gloss is very pigmented and doesn't take a lot to get the colour onto the lips. It definitely doesn't have that overly 'sticky' formulation, but just enough so as the gloss lasts for a 2 hours or so! These arn't the cheapest of lip gloss's at £18.50, but they have fab staying power and come in beautiful colours!

Laura Mercier products can be picked up on the House Of Fraser website!

Have you got any Laura Mercier lip products? Which are your favourites? Or perhaps you have a different brand/shade to recommend to me, I would love to know!



  1. I love champagne lip glaze! Its my go to lipgloss that I always throw in my purse. I hate overly sticky lip glosses, and this is perfect. (: Great post.


  2. I love all the lip colours!
    I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award!


  3. I've been lusting over Laura Mercier products for a while now and think i should just go for it :) Absolutely love your lip combo :)



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