Friday, 6 April 2012

Product Rave: Soap and Glory's Girligo

I am a big fan of Soap and Glory products, I love the smell and the way they feel on the skin. Recently I was given a gift set which contained a few products I had used before and one I hadn't; the Girligo Spray On Body Moisturizing Mist.

At first, I thought this would just be like any old body spray, that doesn't particularly hold any smell once on the skin. But, I was very wrong. This spray goes on to skin damp, and you almost have to rub it in. It has the typical scrummy Soap and Glory scent and once rubbed into the skin, holds just as well as a perfume. The thing I like most about this product though, is that spraying this after a long day when you are feeling a bit gross, it completely refreshes the skin. It almost has a cooling effect, and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised.

I can see this becoming a staple in my handbag over summer, I think it would be great to take the beach, when going on holiday on the plane, or shopping in the stuffy shops instead of a perfume as it leaves you refreshed and smelling great!

This one that came in the gift set is 100ml, but you can purchase the full size (250ml) from Boots for £6.50, which might seem a little steep for a body spray, but it really is so much more than that!

What is your favourite Soap and Glory product? Would you like to see my Soap and Glory collection?

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