Thursday, 29 March 2012

Favourite Fake Tans

Over the past few months, the only times I have really bothered with fake tan is for a night out, but since the sunny weather we've been having, it's inspired me to get back into my tanning routine. I thought I would share some of my favourites fake tans with you!

So, in no particular order...

St Moriz- St Moriz gets a lot of coverage online, both positive and negative. It's plus points are that it is a fast drying mousse and a very quick fix, one over night application and you are good to go with a dark (the darkest of any I have used before) but natural tan. The negative side to this product is the fading process which can leave you looking patchy and 'speckely' for a number of days (which, I assume is the reasoning for the bargain price). If you are willing to invest your time and money into a descent exfoliator and a few showers worth of scrubbing, then  I do recommend this product as it does give great results and is my 'go to' tanner. As for the two bottles pictured above, the difference is that one is called 'dark', but to be honest, I think they both give pretty much the same result. St Moriz can be found online for around £2.99 and in Tesco for around £4.99.

Superdrug Solait Self Tan Foam- This product is Superdrug's own self tanning mousse and the colour I use is dark. I really like this mousse, its quick and easy to apply, although I would say to achieve a deep colour you do need to do a couple of applications of this and I find it takes to certain areas more than others. It does claim that once applied, the colour will intensify over 1-4 hours, but I do think an over night application is best. The plus points of this tanner, is how easy it is to de-tan. It comes away from the skin with a loofer and a body scrub with no need to scrub the skin raw. This mousse retails in Superdrug for £5.99.

St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse- St Tropez is so well known and yes, is one of the best fake tan companys around.  This is a gradual tan, which means you have to apply the mousse over a number of days to achieve your desired colour. I love the application of the mousse and as it states, does give a very natural, streakless colour, but for me, could be darker. I think I would be more suited to the Self Tan Mousse rather than the gradual, but I do still really love this product. St Tropez Gradual Mousse is available from Debenhams for £20.43.

Makebelieve Gradual Self Tan and Tan Extender- This tan is the first lotion of the bunch, again, it is a gradual tan which you develope over a few days and this one claims to contain a tan extender to make your tan last even longer. This is the product I use if I want a light, natural tan and is perfect if you want a head start in the summer of don't feel comfortable showing your white winter legs to the world. The application is easy but does take a little while to dry. I find with lotions it is often best to apply them using your hands (if you are willing to run and wash your hands between each body part)  or latex gloves, as mitt tends to absorb a lot of the product. This retails in Boots for £19.50.

Soltan Beautiful Bronze Gel- (I have had this self tan for a while now, and I believe they have re done the packaging, so what they have in store, may not look exactly the same as what I have pictured!) This is Boots own brand of self tan, this one being the shimmer gel. When I first got this tan and began applying it, I was definitely sceptical of what it looked like, a gold gel containing ALOT of shimmer. When applying this to the skin, i became even more sceptical, as it left me looking like a gold statue! But I carried on, slept in the product and washed it off the next morning to reveal a really gorgeous deep tan with subtle shimmer. The shimmer did not over power like I expected it to, but instead left the skin looking healthy and naturally tanned. This tan will be really nice to use both for day time in the summer and for nights out. This gel retails in Boots for £5.99.

And there you have it, my current favourite fake tans :)

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