Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bronzed for Summer

Last summer, I picked up this bronzer from Gosh. Once winter set in, it was put to one side in favour for some more 'season appropriate' bronzers and was forgotten about until...recently, I was looking through my collection and came across it. The weather here in the UK has been lovely and sunny the past few days and I have been digging out my maxi skirts and boob tubes and needed some makeup to match, que Gosh bronzer...

Its full name 'Gosh Giant Sun Powder' really fits its purpose, as it is amazing in the sun. It contains a lot of shimmer, but nothing over powering and at first can appear a bit orange on the skin (especially on lighter skin tones) but once blended in, really does look lovely.

The packaging is nice and contains a large mirror, though probably not something you would carry around in your makeup bag as it contains a huge 28grams of product. This is definitely going to be my summer bronzer, it will look really gorgeous with a tan!

The Gosh Giant Sun Powder is available in Superdrug in the UK and retails for £13.99 (Not bad at all considering you are getting 28grams of product!)

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