Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Coral Lip

I am a huge fan of everything coral as a colour, I think it is great to add a pop of colour and looks lovely in the summer against a tan. I love wearing coral clothes and even incorporating it into my makeup.

I find as a cheek and lip colour, coral can be very flattering, and allow you to keep the eyes completely naked but still seem as though you look made up.

 When doing a coral look, on the cheek I like to wear a pale coral blush from the eyeshadow and blush 05 palette from Blink+Go. It adds a lovely subtle hint of colour to the cheek and though very pigmented, can be blended out well.

On the lip I like to wear Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Coral Reef'. A lovely glossy bright coral, which you can either wear as a bold pop of colour or more sheerly for a more natural look.

Like I said, I love that wearing a bold pop of colour on the lips can allow you to leave the rest of the face fairly natural but still leave you feeling confident!

Do you ever wear a coral lip? Or do you have a different colour you love to wear?


  1. I love coral lips! Pink corals are just beautiful and I find much easier to wear than pink or red.

    I also love orange as long as it's not too opaque.
    Chanel's Calypso Glossimer is my current favourite.

    That palette looks absolutely beautiful too!


  2. beaut! i love the lip colour :) x

  3. That is gorgeous! I have wanted to try a coral lip for a while but have been to scared I usually just stay with reddish pinks!

  4. Thankyou lovelies! I find a gloss instead of a lipstick is a great way of doing a more subtle coral lip :)

  5. That looks soo cute! I want it now :) I have their lip gloss in Pink Whisper, but I like this one a lot more!


  6. That lipgloss looks really good on you, you look so pretty here!

    definitely following your blog


  7. Aww thankyou so much! Following you too :) xx

  8. You are gorrrgeous!!x


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