Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Look Of the Day

Today I am off on the train to visit my friend for her birthday tomorrow! Here is the makeup look I am wearing, a nude, long lasting look, focusing on nude eyes and glossy lips that has become my go to when travelling. 

Lip liner- No.7 Perfect Lips Pencil 'Nude'
Lipstick- Mac 'Angel'
Lipgloss- No.7 Lip Gloss 'Marshmallow'

Would you be interested in seeing a tutorial or post on the look I wear for my friends birthday drinks tomorrow night?


  1. You look great! Of course, you can do the nude lip because your lips are full, and you are young!
    Very pretty!

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  3. Hey nice blog! I nominated your for One Lovely Blog Award! Visit my blog to read about it and follow it!

  4. Thank you so much! Will definitely be checking your blogs out! Xx


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