Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nail Polish Storage

Nail polish can be a difficult thing to store if you are like me and are very much into decor, so want them on display. Don't get me wrong, I havn't got a huge collection of expensive nail polish, but I still think they look pretty! (Is that just me!?) I had been storing my polishes in a clear vanity case which I kept under my dressing table, which kept them all together, but wasn't very practical as the moment the case would move all the bottles would fall over. I had been looking at the clear acrylic nail polish racks on Ebay, but thought they are fairly expensive for just a piece of acrylic and would take up a large section of my not so large bedroom! 

So, I came up with the simple idea of fixing a standard glass bathroom shelf to the wall next to my dressing table, and storing my nail polish on there, and I really love it! 

The use of the glass shelf means to the eye, it doesn't take up a lot of space on the wall. The bottle also look sleek and tidy and I love the look of the polishes again the glass. It also is very practical, you are able to see all of your polishes making it easy to chose and grab which one you want! I have arranged mine in colour order starting with black on the left hand side, to silver and white on the right hand side. 
The shelf cost about £20 from B&Q, so its definitely more affordable than the acrylic racks, and takes up less space, whilst fitting a descent amount of polishes as you can layer them behind one another. 

I love how this looks, I like how it has a practical function but also adds a cute piece of decor to my bedroom! I am thinking of getting another to store jewellery or perfume bottles on.
Have you got any decorative ways of storing products?

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