Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June Glossybox 2012

Today I received the June box Glossybox! I have always been a big fan of the whole beauty box concept and love the idea of getting a box of beauty surprises through my door each month, but I must admit lately I have been a little let down. The May box was a dissapointment for me, especially when I looked at other blogs where I saw people had received full size HD Brows products where I have received perfume samples! I know a lot of other people felt the same, and I really can't understand why everybody is not given the same things each month to make it more fair. I know the beauty box concept can be a bit hit and miss anyway, and you have to expect that, but afterall, we are all paying the same price for our boxes! Saying this, I do try not to be too hard on Glossybox, as I have received some amazing items in the past, such as the HD Brows Palette which has become a holy grail in my makeup bag.
This month I was really hoping Glossybox would make a come back in my books, so here's what I got in this months box. 

 The box felt surprisingly light, and when I opened it, I saw the reason why. Lots of samples. I don't get too put off when I see samples, as after all it is a sample service, but I think we all have that disappointing moment when we don't see a full size product.

 First, I had the Vichy Dermablend Camouflage Foundation Stick starter kit. I was happy to see this as I have been wanted to try Vichy products for a while. I like that the kit came with six different colours as so you would have a better chance of having one that suited your skin tone, although I was surprised to see no darker shades. I am excited to try this as I had been thinking about picking up the full size for a while!

Next up is a Glossybox brush. A nice touch, but a little unsure as to whether this counts as high end product. I feel this would have been good as an added extra, like last month's compact mirror. Saying that, you can never have too many brushes, so it is something I will use, although it isn't particularly soft.

Perfume Samples. Oh boy. I think it's safe to say Glossybox have given me enough perfume samples to last me a life time. These are from Agent Provocateur and this box contained three sample bottles. I do actually really love two of the scents, in particular the 'Maitresse' which I am considering purchasing. 

Next up a mineral bronzer sample from BM Beauty, which is something I was excited to see. I have had a eye shadow pigment sample before and really liked it. Although the packaging is a little difficult to work with without spilling it everywhere, this is definitely something I will use to add a subtle hint of warmth to my face. 

 Lastly I got a mascara sample from Yves Rocher. At 2.5ml this really is a tiny sample, but the wand looks nice and I will be trying this out tomorrow

 Overall I am fairly happy with my box this month, there are definitely things I will use and possibly repurchase. I was a little disappointed to see others were getting the HD Brows tweezers, but like I said, these beauty boxes can be a bit hit and miss and that is all part of it. One month could be great while the next could be rubbish. I do look back to last years boxes though where every box contained at least one very exciting product and wish they would bring that back!

Did you get a Glossybox this month? What did you think of it?


  1. im still waiting on mine.. it will be my first too so i hope i like it! :/ x

  2. I got exactly the same box as you, very dissapointd, this is my second month of recieving a box and not being happy. Last months was not that great either, I thought it was maybe because I joined later in the month but I am dissapointed again... You pretty much summed it up for me. I could go to selfridges and get samples without having to pay 10 quid!
    You wait a whole month and get so excited only to be dissapointed!
    Hope something changes or I might have to cancel :(

  3. your box does look disappointing. I was happy with mine this month, but the difference between boxes seems so unfair! Instead of your perfume sample I got a 3 piece set by Dermalogica worth £12. Seems ridiculous.

    I thought they were trying to improve from their birthday box when I saw mine, but apparently not!

    Here's my review of my box, if you want to look:

    -Olivia xx

  4. Oh really, I can't understand the differences between boxes! I was a little happier than last month as this box seemed more makeup orientated, whereas I had none at all last month. There is a lot of people who are not happy this month, which makes me really wonder why they don't just give everyone the same to save all the complaints and unsubs! Oh well, lets hope for a better box in July! xx

  5. I'm considering signing up to glossybox soon. I know what you mean when saying surely they should all be the same or at least only marginally different seems slightly unfair. But loving your blog so far and only read this post :)

  6. Yeah, I will definitely stay subscribed as like I said, I have had some amazing things in my boxes before that out way the bad. Just wish they came around more often! Thanks a lot! xx

  7. Great review! I have yet to try a Glossybox, I'm really tempted but worried about being in a similar situation to you and thinking that everyone elses boxes look better! lovely blog too btw :) x

  8. I always think that too! I was quite happy with this month's box but I don't think the product selection is always very good/fair.

    if you wanna check out my box then my review is here: http://fashboxstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/june-beauty-box-2-glossybox.html

    Kate xx

  9. Thats so wrong ... the people that received the brow beater probably don't pay for there glossy boxs , and everyone else pays £13 it so annoys me i had to leave them xx


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