Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jewellery Storage

If you saw my nail polish storage post, you will know that I am very big on decor, how I store things and like to come up with different unique ways in which I can do this.
My ideal way of storing my jewellery would be in it's own shabby chic cabinet next to my dressing table, but as I haven't found one I like enough to splurge on, this is what I have come up with.
It isn't the most organised storage in the world, but it keeps everything in its own place and adds some decor to my room!

I store my bracelets in this over sized martini shaped glass. I picked this up at The Range for around £11 and love the way it looks. It looks as if it would be fragile, being made of glass, but it is actually very sturdy and heavy and I have travelled with this when moving up and down from University many times without any problems.
The majority of the bracelets I store in this are bangles, I like having them all in one place and it makes it so easy to pick what goes with an outfit. I also store my sunglasses in here, which again, makes it really easy to just quickly grab them.

I keep this on the window sill in my bedroom and I think it adds a nice piece of decor to the room, without taking up a lot of space and I have had many compliments from friends on the unique quirky aspect on storing bracelets this way.


Rings I store in this little white pot, which I believe was originally from my kitchen and used as a dip pot at some point! This is a great way to recycle pots and save some money by using them for something completely different from what it is suppose to be used.

It is the perfect size to fit all my rings and although it is not amazingly organised, it doesn't take more than a few seconds to find what I need.

I love finding different ways of storing items like this. Do you have any storage tips or ways for jewellery?


  1. Such a cute way to store your jewelry! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love these ideas and actually may steal them.
    They look so pretty and they're practical as well.
    I bought from ebay a load of jewellery organisers but they just look very boring. What I have found to be really helpful though is buying a tie rack thing from Primark, its like a coat hanger with about 6/7 hooks on that I put all my necklaces on, its so handy and keeps them untangled.

  3. Thanks girls! Yeah, thats what I love about them! Oh that's a really good idea, I will have a look for one of those. At the moment i'm storing my necklaces on a white pin board and just pinning them up on it. I do like it, but it takes up quite a lot of room so the hanger idea would be ideal! xx

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