Friday, 15 June 2012

Magazine Freebie!

I picked up July's issue of Glamour magazine, and noticed they are giving away a free Benefit sample with each copy. There are three to chose between, BadGal Lash Mascara, Porefessional and That Gal.
I thought this was really good value as the magazine is only £2 and you are getting £10+ worth of Benefit product!

I chose to get the Bad Gal Lash Mascara, as I have wanted to try it for a while, but have heard and read mixed reviews so wasn't ready to make the purchase. These size samples are really generous and are great if like me you are wanting to test a product out as you are able to try it out a good amount of times to decide whether you like it or not. 

 I must admit, I haven't given this much of a test run yet. I applied a quick coat before running out the door, so I am looking forward to giving it a proper go and seeing what I think!

This is a great barg, so pick one up before they all go! I am definitely tempted to go back and get the other two aswell as Marie Claire who are giving away free Ciate Paint Pots!

Have you got a favourite magazine?


  1. Glamour in the US doesn't ever come with free samples, I'm a little jealous! I don't think any of the magazines here do, actually. But, I love Benefit BadGal, it's one of my favorite mascaras ever!

    My favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan! :)


  2. Oh Really!? How annoying! I have worn it today and really like it. I love Cosmo too!


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